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  • A conversation between Wizard #1 and Wizard #2

    Wizard #1:
    Please describe Self-Will to me...

    If Self-Will different from Ego? And if so, how?


    Wizard #2:
    Self-Will is the thing that actually decides what a person thinks, feels, does, and says or chooses not to do or say.
    What is 'funny' about this is that self-will can change its Point Of Origin from one part of the Box to another.
    What this means is that from one second to the next, a single person can say, feel, think, or do completely contradictory things.
    We usually do not even notice this insanity.
    Self-Observation builds a databank of neutral observations that you can use to notice the contradictions, and Self-Inquiry (or an Emotional Chairwork Process) can follow an impulse back to its source as an old decision, a splintered e-body part, an energetic block, an assumption, a resentment, etc, and give your Being a chance to heal (to kill off) the neurotic Point Of Origin Place (...POOP).

    In the Gurdjieff work, the intention was eventually to experience a 'single I' as in a single identity.

    Although I never met any successful Gurdjieff practitioners except for perhaps Claudio Naranjo (who died happily last year so I cannot ask him what he thinks about himself...) I could imagine it works.
    I use the word Ego for the entire Box structure, which includes all of these various identities.


    Wizard #1:

    If the Gremlin defends the Box, what do you call the active part, that brings the Being into the world?


    Wizard #2:
    You mean the part that tells the Gremlin to Sit! and consciously chooses to make other gestures?


    Wizard #1:
    Probably ... I guess, that part brings the Being qualities in the world, too.


    Wizard #2:
    I currently regard the Being as the center of just about everything.
    For example, it seems to me that the Being wears the 5 bodies like a body-glove.
    I also think Matrix gets built in the Being with experiential distinctions that can catch and hold more consciousness in the Being so the Being gets bigger and the person can make more conscious choices.

    It is not the Energetic Body, which seems to me more like a subtle Physical Body.


    Wizard #1:
    If the being is like a seed, what makes it grow roots and a stem?

    The flower that will develop is the essence of the Being. What makes it grow?


    Wizard #2:
    Somehow I don't think the Being grows roots. I think it grows wings.

    I think the flowers that the Being produces are the gifts it creates to serve others.

    I think that what the indigenous see as one's roots into a place are actually more like a field effect, like when Wizard #3 worked with you and the others to download from the field of the Australian Aboriginals. It seemed more like his Being was resonating specifically with their field.

    I think that the essence of the Being is the field that it generates.

    You don't have to Be what you aren't to get what you want...


    Wizard #1:
    What makes the Being grow wings?

    Does the Being have a Will? Or does the Being grow wings, when the Box isn’t in charge?

    And, if I stretch out my hand to say "Hi!" according to Western culture as a pattern, is it my Box acting? Or is it my Gremlin?


    Wizard #2:
    I think the Gremlin is not always malicious or destructive.

    I think Gremlin is the active part of the Box, often doing simply habitual things to keep the Box the same as it is so we survive.

    I think the Gremlin putting out its hand to say "Hi!" is nearly the same as tapping the forehead with your fingers to say "Hi!", in that Gremlin is attentive to managing things for survival.

    I think the Being's Self-Will could take over from the Gremlin and choose to put out the hand or to tap the forehead with a different purpose. I notice that I almost never tap my forehead with my fingers or say "Harbigarrr!" unless a Possibility Manager is in front of me.

    My Gremlin could do that, of course, but mostly his behavior would offend or shock people and make them think of me as weird so my weird Box could do its survival thing.
    I think the Being is designed to grow wings as part of our initiation into adulthood.

    It seems like the Universe waits for human beings to grow up and come play in High Level Fun, which can also be flying in the groundlessness, for which one needs wings.

    I think that building enough Matrix and participating in certain 'safely challenging' spaces induces the Being to grow wings.


    Wizard #1:
    I would like to talk about this, rather than typing.

    My intention is to get the distinction between Box, Gremlin and Being better, specifically in every day interactions.

    My question is still, what makes the Being grow wings?

    If the Being just is, it has no dynamic to grow anything. Does it have a Will?


    Wizard #2:
    I am in the middle of trying to write two memetic viruses that are frying my circuits.
    I also enjoy exploring these considerations with you at the speed of Being rather than at the speed of Mind.

    I would like to ponder about these things in between writing to you, and to do little experiments in myself to find out stuff while we investigate this together.
    Would you be willing to keep writing with me for a while?


    Wizard #1:



    Wizard #2:

    I think the Being has both Will and Attention and the capacity for Presence.
    I think it is the Being that Commits, Chooses, Declares, and generates impulses to Ask.
    I think it is the Being that jacks into the Archetypal Lineage through all 5 Bodies.


    Wizard #1:
    Yes. I agree.

    So, if I (Which 'I'?) consciously stretch out my hand to so say "Hi!" to connect with someone in their world - and I use mainstream technology (an ordinary handshake) to connect - is that my Being doing it?


    Wizard #2:
    I think your/my Being would assess the encounter situation and choose either mainstream or next culture greeting technology by conscious choice to create a specific outcome or to serve the purposes of a specific space.


    Wizard #1:
    Yes, so the Being uses consciousness to assess the situation and then moves accordingly to its qualities, learnings and inner message.

    So, does the Box itself have an active part?

    Or is the Gremlin 'always' the part that brings the Box's opinions, patterns etc. into the world?


    Wizard #2:
    I think my Gremlin is the king of my Being's Shadow World, and my Gremlin sits next to my Being (who is the presiding 'I' at the moment...) who is king of my Bright World.

    The Gremlin has the tools and needs of my Box's survival strategies.

    My Being has the tools and needs of my Matrix's thriving capacities.

    At the same time, I am both.

    I am the whole Map of Possibility in action inside of me, centered, grounded, small NOW, small HERE, ongoingly creating.


    Wizard #1:
    Yes, and ... I get back to my main question:

    Does the Box itself have an active part? Or is the Gremlin 'always' the part that brings the Box's opinions, patterns etc. into the world?

    That is a "Yes" or "No" question...


    Wizard #2:
    I think yes, the Gremlin is 'always' the active part of the Box that either consciously or unconsciously brings the Box's opinions, patterns, strategies into the world.

    If the creation is done consciously, then the Gremlin is your Being's ally and serves your Being's purposes, coming from Bright Principles, your Pearl, your Archetypal Lineage, etc. taking radical responsibility, creating High Drama.

    If the creation is done unconsciously, then Gremlin is running loose keeping your Being in the Box's familiar survival patterns, avoiding responsibility, creating Low Drama.

    One archetypal ecstasy of successful adulthood initiation is gaining your Gremlin as an ally.

  • Being

    “Your life has an inner purpose and an outer purpose.

    Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary.

    Outer purpose concerns doing and it is secondary.

    Your inner purpose is to awaken. It is as simple as that....

    Finding and living in alignment with your inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose.

    It’s the basis for true success.”


    — Excerpt from A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle


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